Linda Loeffler 

Creative Photographer 

"Beauty can be seen in all things.  Seeing and composing the beauty is what seperates the snapshot from the  photograph."

 ~ Matt Hardy

The catalist for creating this website was the numerious inquiries from friends and family to purchase my images or contract my services.  I am humbled by the interest and thrilled to provide a venue for anyone to view, purchase or simply enjoy the photographs that I have created.




Photographs and Services

Still Life 

My current passion project is creating and capturing beautiful and interesting objects.  I apply edits based on my vision that provide vibriant colors and textures.   


The first images I started photographing when I picked up a camera were  landscapes.  35 years later (who's counting)  I still enjoy looking for beautiful venues that provide amazing perspectives. 

 Wild Kingdom

I love ALL animals.  They are very special to me and I really enjoy getting up close and seeing them from different angles and view points.  They all have  amazing and beautiful spirits!


I like to work on creative projects.  I'm interested in providing portaits that represent the subjects  personality.   These consignments are a colloboraton between the photographer and the client.    

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