Vivid Metals

Your images will pop in a new definition and clarity with a Vivid Metal finish.  Your photograph will have an artistic edge, contemporary elegance and will be a stand out as an easel display or wall portrait.

 Product Highlights

  • Metal Base - Choosing a Metal Base allows the natural metal color and texture to come through. This adds an iridescent sheen and an ethereal glow to any image and is perfect for the person who appreciates the raw beauty of the metal.
  • White Base - Choosing a White Base for your print creates a fresh, bright appearance allowing all the details of your image to shine through with crystal clear precision.
  • *  Vertical and horizontal orientations available.

    Vivid Metal White Base

    These vivid metals are a unique gift and a cool modern standout in anyones home!

    Vivid Metal Certificate of Authenticity

    Each vivid metal has a certificate of authenticity on the back and is signed and dated by photographer Linda Loeffler.


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